laura jane grace

"It’s important to not feel like you’re apologizing for anything."
Laura Jane Grace is lying on a plastic-covered bed in the back room of Mohan’s tattoo parlor in Queens. Outside, the No. 7
"Trans people are not cliches and there is no one way to 'do trans right'..."
Check out the video above to hear more transgender and gender-variant people discuss their changing relationships after transition
"I would explain it as a feeling of misalignment between the way you feel and the way other people perceive you," Grace says
"Easy" isn't usually the word first chosen by transgender individuals to describe their journeys -- and that's often even
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Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace joins HuffPost Live to reveal what it's like to be a trans parent.
Since their inception, Against Me! have had a revolving door of musicians come in and out of the band, yet, none made headlines
The singer-guitarist of punk band Against Me! made her live debut as Laura Jane Grace in San Diego last week. Take a look