Laura Schlessinger

Even activists who do this for a living are like ... uh, can we not. A look at how we got here.
"Such speeches are totally unacceptable," reads the petition. "The reputation that pit bulls have is totally misleading... there
The Kinsey Sicks, however, have a built-in advantage due to the fact that two of the group's founders (Ben Schatz and Irwin
Also high on Maher's list: Glenn Beck's exploitation of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. From Beck's Martin
Laura Schlessinger says that she is quitting her job as the biggest female radio show host in the galaxy because, she told
Once upon a time -- before she was dropping obscenities on air -- Dr. Laura was writing about them for her college paper
Last night on "The Report," Colbert took on Dr. Laura Schlessinger's recent string of racial slurs during a call on her radio
Palin's advice: "don't retreat...reload!" Palin, once the governor of Alaska and Republican nominee for vice president in
Dr. Laura is a textbook case in point. Dr. Laura's six minute tit and tat with a caller in which she used the N word 11 times