Laura Tyson

There is a big push going on to again reduce tax rates for the giant multinational corporations. See if you can guess who will make up the difference?
"I have no idea where that number came from," Tyson, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, told The Huffington
As with any group that brings change, the Innovators are going through the Three Stages of Truth articulated by Arthur Schopenhauer
We're seeing the demonization of the victim everywhere. It's in the public hatred for underwater homeowners and now reaches to the highest halls of power in both parties, where we told that helping struggling homeowners would be "rewarding the undeseverving."
Over the last two days, a group of businesses, non-profits, and public officials came together in Chicago at the Clinton Global Initiative to find ways putting Americans back to work in a way that contributes to everyone's bottom line.
Now that Larry Summers is leaving, the president has a decision to make that will send a signal about the next two years of economic policy. That signal can restore consumer confidence and reinvigorate the electorate, or it can lead to even more discouragement and despair. This week unnamed administration officials floated the idea of naming a corporate executive to the position. That's a trial balloon that should be punctured immediately.
As in the 1930s, the economy is suffering a sharp decline in aggregate demand and loss of business confidence. Long experience
Four leading economists predict the trajectory of the recovery. Read more on Newsweek
The White House assembled some of the top women leaders in the financial world today for its "Women In Finance Symposium
There was good news and bad news in the Gender Gap Index. The good news is that the health and education gaps are being closed. The bad news is that the economic and political gaps are not.