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Dern starred as Nora Fanshaw, the divorce attorney for Scarlett Johansson's character, in the Noah Baumbach film.
Divorce attorneys discuss whether they're as nasty in court as Laura Dern and Ray Liotta's characters are in the new Netflix drama.
In LAW's world, joint physical custody should start as early as the infant is bottle fed, no later than age 3 months. Even
The youngest of the young, should be treated differently than older children in custody matters. Perhaps- the thinking goes
With awards season behind us, get ready for another string of celebrity splits.
On a flight from Ireland to New York in June 2004, Britney Spears proposed to Kevin Federline, a backup dancer she’d been
So is there anything you can do to avoid moving your negotiated divorce into a litigated one? Here are some simple pointers to keep in mind when you are about to enter into your settlement meeting.
2. Get counseling: One of the first chapters of my book is called "How Do You Know?." Generally, there are no lightning bolts
Laura Wasser, divorce lawyer to the stars, stopped by HuffPost Live on Thursday to dish on all things divorce related, and