The voice is creating division on the internet not seen since that infamous dress.
We find out Rebecca discovered a drowned Lila in the water tank, and threaded water with her dead body for a while to evade
After a few shots of vodka, Annalise makes the call: her students or her? Annalise calls Nate again on a burner phone for
For the majority of the episode, the gang gets back together (during finals week, mind you) to do what the gang knows best
And right as your heart is breaking for the woman whose asshole of a husband is definitely dead, the other shoe drops in
Bonnie comes clean to Sam on meeting Lila the night she was killed, as Lila had supposedly wanted to tell Annalise about
And then things get weird. Because instead of letting the show build to the Wes Rebecca sex scene we’d all been waiting for
In an all nighter to get their client off death row, Bonnie creeps up on Laurel to give her a come-to-Jesus talk about letting
But back to the flash forward that kicks off every episode: This week is Laurel’s episode. The timid girl we found in episode
Jimmy Bass took pictures of everyone on their first birthday, during their high school graduation and as they walked down the aisle.