Lauren Boebert

Twitter critics slammed the gun-loving congresswoman's blazingly obvious comment after the Indianapolis massacre.
The Colorado congresswoman apparently thinks adding more Supreme Court justices is terrorism — but not storming the U.S. Capitol to change an election.
The Colorado Republican railed against “a political party that is laser-focused on destroying our freedoms” and people pointed out the same thing.
The Colorado Republican's attempted ding at Joe Biden went awry.
"Thank goodness 'Lauren Boebert' isn't a real person. Because nobody could be that stupid, right? Wait. What?" one person hit back at the Colorado Republican.
"Don’t play ‘good guy with a gun’ for your campaign ad while Americans are dying. Don’t play politics with our lives," urged the CNN anchor.
"This may be the worst ever 'thoughts and prayers' message in the aftermath of a mass shooting," one Twitter user hit back at the pro-gun Colorado Republican.
"I am grateful for this parody account," one critic on Twitter hit back at the Colorado Republican.
"What exactly are you implying with that?" one critic asked the Colorado Republican, in light of the deadly U.S. Capitol riot.
Donald Trump Jr. gave a bizarre rant in front of an even more bizarre “interior design” choice.