Lauren Boebert

The former president's son spewed a conspiracy theory after a GOP lawmaker warned of a "serious national security threat" on social media.
Critics fired back at the conspiracy theorist and "Beetlejuice" fan.
Jayson Boebert called his ex-wife's move "cruel and unfair" and says it amounts to "a prison sentence to keep me from my family."
The order also protects three of the former couple’s four sons.
The Trump-aligned congresswoman skewered her beleaguered right-wing colleague.
The Democratic Texas congresswoman expertly trolled the far-right Boebert.
After six out of nine candidates admitted to run-ins with the law, Rep. Lauren Boebert high-fived fellow candidate Mike Lynch.
“Could you give the definition of ‘carpetbagger?'" opponent Mike Lynch bluntly asked during her first Republican primary debate since the congresswoman switched districts.
People were seriously puzzled by the far-right Colorado Republican's tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.
The Colorado Republican was schooled over a climate change post on X.