Lauren Boebert

After the devastating elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Republicans are racking their brains to come up with solutions that have nothing to do with guns.
By accident, the Colorado GOP congresswoman basically argued in favor of background checks.
“There are some conservative political figures that will hint about this theory or speak about it in code," said 9News' Kyle Clark. Boebert is not one of them.
“Hi Rep. Boebert — Ask Rep Cawthorn about us. We look forwarding [sic] to getting to know you," American Muckrakers PAC wrote in an ominous tweet.
Citing HuffPost's reporting, Accountable.US renewed its call for the IRS to investigate if a far-right group is violating rules with its crusade against the "30x30" initiative.
The extremist Republican suggested it was cheaper for businesses "to kill the baby" than pay for parental leave, generating disgust from critics.
Rep. Lauren Boebert’s House floor tirade accusing Democrats of censorship quickly backfired.
Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin flipped the extremist Colorado Republican's comments right back at her.
The far-right lawmaker's history of botching both spelling and facts has many wondering just what's in her book.
The Colorado lawmaker was reportedly not happy that her Georgia colleague made an appearance at a white nationalist event in February.