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"Love More" is a simple, yet amazingly powerful, call to action. We are all called as friends, lovers, parents, colleagues, and global citizens to do just that.
The innate pull that some possess to positively impact the lives of others is a pull that cannot be ignored. Sure, for a time you may pursue other ventures but at some point in your journey you will be brought back to your need to help those in need.
Since its founding eight years ago, FEED has been a pioneer of the conscious consumer movement. Founder Lauren Bush Lauren
Conceived nearly a decade ago in recognition of World AIDS Day, the Strong Women, Strong World Luncheon is more than just another event on the social calendar.
Activist Lauren Bush Lauren joins to discuss FEED Projects, an organization she founded while a student at Princeton to put an end to world hunger. The model turned activist is one of the world's leading social entrepreneurs.
We make choices every day, choices that millions do not have. We can get up in the morning and hurry off to work without so much as a sideways glance at the people around us.
Realizing that while there were awards for poetry, science, performing arts and peace-keeping, but none for those working
Silda Wall Spitzer, the founder of the New York based not-for-profit generationOn, let down her hair and kicked off her shoes