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There's a clear reason her face looks "fuller," she says, and it's not why you think.
As we patiently wait for "Dumb and Dumber To" to hit theaters, Vimeo user Josh Rocklage has treated us with a recut trailer
Think about the way you handle unpleasant situations and how you model truth telling. As adults, we often find ourselves in the grey area of dishonesty and "white lies" are a common practice when we're trying to teach our young children manners
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The original "Alphas" have some competition: A slew of new guest stars are headed to the Syfy series. With numerous TV and
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Wow. "Lost Girl's" midseason premiere certainly didn't disappoint, did it? It had everything from a mystical sacrifice to
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The episode, "Midnight Lamp," finds Bo (Anna Silk) still pondering The Ash's shocking proposal, but in the meantime, she