Lauren Parsekian

It's stunning. How a victim, through the simple act of writing down the ravaging effects that another's thoughtless acts have had on her, can in the same breath dispel those effects and cause the other to realize for the first time, with empathy, what she's done.
The "Breaking Bad" star and his gorgeous wife hit the red carpet at the Emmy Awards on Monday night, Aug. 25, looking as
Just when you thought Aaron Paul couldn't possibly get any cuter than when he's talking about his wife, Lauren Parsekian
This is Paul's first big gig since "Breaking Bad." Director Scott Waugh said the leading role of Tobey Marshall is a "complete
"I'm not even going to think about that. In all honesty, if it happens, fantastic. I'll be out of my mind up there," Paul
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10) "You know when people say, 'When you know, you know'? It was crazy. Even leading up to the kiss on the ferris wheel, I
WHO: Diehard "Breaking Bad" fans WHAT: A "Breaking Bad" series finale fundraiser for Kind Campaign WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 29
Aww! Aaron Paul might be busy being a super-successful television star, but that doesn't mean he hasn't given a family any
The actor always has wonderful things to say about his bride, and his open-book conversation with Redditors Wednesday was
"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul tied the knot with Lauren Parsekian in Malibu, Calif. Sunday. We've loved this couple since
Last month, Paul asked Ellie Goulding to perform at his wedding, and she said yes! In addition to dancing, the partygoers
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At the end of his speech, he mentioned his fiancee. "She's the greatest woman that has ever existed. No offense to other
It can't be all that bad for "Breaking Bad"'s Aaron Paul, who reportedly got engaged to girlfriend Lauren Parsekian on New