laurence anyways

"I don’t think that you’d say 'Have you seen this black movie?' And hopefully in 10 years we won’t be using those tags and those labels."
How so, in your opinion? I think it’s a matter of balance. You learn from your mistakes. And I read all the reviews, all
Directed by Québec's then-22-year-old Dolan (now 24), the sweeping romantic epic looks at the decade-long love affair between a trans woman and her female-identified, ever-passionate partner.
Laurence Anyways is an epic love story that chronicles a decade between the moment when Laurence (Melvil Poupaud) tells his girlfriend of two years, Fred (Suzanne Clement) that he wants to become a woman and still be together.
Laurence Anyways is not a megaphone-shouting totem for a gender revolution. It is decidedly a very real human drama that takes time with conversations, reactions, declarations and outbursts.