Laurence Fishburne

Winslet says in her PSA: “Wash your hands like your life depends on it. Because right now, in particular, it just might.”
The actress showed up to support her costar at his handprint ceremony in front of Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre.
The clearly frustrated Barris added that he wasn't trying to "attack" the questioner. Laurence Fishburne, one of the stars
Of course, the problem goes much deeper than what sure feels like a fundamental misunderstanding on Snyder's part as to these
Promising to produce a collection of episodes that touch on several prevalent topics, everything from black men's health to how people view guns, season two is projected to be more transparent and progressive than ever.
Although already a seasoned actor at age 14 when he was cast in Coppola's surreal Vietnam war epic, young "Larry" Fishburne went on location to the jungles of the Philippines a boy, and returned both a man, and one of our finest actors. He hasn't stopped working since.
Laurence Fishburne, call your mother. I hate to be the one to break the news. But the woman who gave life to the talented
1. Paul Reubens never broke character. 2. Pee-wee always wore the same thing: a gray suit, white shirt, and red bow tie with
I cringed when I saw the name and promos for Black-ish. But, I tried to reserve judgment until I saw it. And sure enough, its premise and the actual show is as offensive as its name.