Laurence Tribe

Laurence Tribe warned that the former president is facing an attorney general who will "leave no stone unturned."
“The writings from which the Court cherry-picked my quotes were totally supportive of the result in Roe," says Laurence Tribe.
Whether the court “can impose this regressive, almost Neanderthal minority view on all of us is a really serious question,” said Harvard’s Laurence Tribe.
Laurence Tribe scoffed at the ex-president's arguments for keeping documents relating to the insurrection secret.
Bannon boasted on his "War Room" podcast that he told Trump before the Jan. 6 insurrection: "You need to kill this administration in the crib."
As for Georgia, Trump "basically tried to steal" the election, the Harvard law professor says.
Laurence Tribe likened the former president to a fire chief "urging a mob to burn the theater down."
“You’ve got to move on," Laurence Tribe told the president.
“They can’t have it both ways," Laurence Tribe said.