Laurene Powell Jobs

The president claimed Steve Jobs would "not be happy" with his widow after The Atlantic's scathing report on his insults about fallen military heroes.
Earth Alliance said it formed the emergency Amazon Forest Fund to directly help local organizations and indigenous people protect the rainforest from the fires.
Laurene Powell Jobs' organization has cut ties with Wieseltier over what it calls his "past inappropriate workplace conduct."
When I first met Bibhuti, I realized within minutes that his passion for educating and mentoring girls in some of the most impoverished parts of Nepal came from something far deeper than just giving back to his home country.
Michael Fassbender ended up getting the part.
The last few weeks have been a celebration of sorts of the life and work of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. What hasn't been widely talked about is the message Jobs made about the new economy and the call for a truly hands-on interdisciplinary education.
“The system of public high schools in America really hasn’t undergone any kind of serious transformation in 100 years."
For the entire 2014 election cycle leading up to September, pro-Democratic groups reported spending more than $65 million
Too often, the quiet power of female philanthropic leaders is overlooked. Again and again, famous rich men are afforded the lion's share of the credit for big gifts or initiatives actually masterminded by their wives or daughters.
Now, that's a million dollar question most people seem to be asking. And, the political soothsayers are wasting no time in