The latest estimate of property losses far surpasses the 215 structures consumed by lava during more than 30 years of an earlier eruption cycle that began in 1983.
Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted twice in a week with orders of a new evacuation.
Authorities have shut down the plant but local residents remain concerned about potential explosions.
Lava from the Kilauea volcano is dangerously close to a major geothermal power plant in Hawaii.
Workers rushed to shut down the Puna Geothermal Venture plant to prevent the release of toxic gases.
Authorities say lava flows reaching the Pacific Ocean could produce noxious clouds of acid fumes, steam and tiny, glass-like particles.
At least one man sustained a "serious" injury when a "lava bomb" hit his leg, according to officials.
A major volcanic eruption is imminent in Hawaii as clouds of ash climb 12,000 feet in the air and Kilauea’s lava lake dips to dangerously low levels.
The American Red Cross is operating shelters for evacuated residents while the county and Salvation Army provide food and supplies.
In this regard therefore Parrikar's remarks are not only offensive to Pakistanis but also Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and Sikhs living in India and other parts of the world whose religions developed in the land which is today known as Pakistan.
“I felt more connected to nature and the ocean than ever before.”
Meet Kilauea, the world's happiest volcano. 😃
Lava is burning through a Hawaii forest — and it’s leaving these glowing holes in its wake.
Molten rock and water can be an explosive combination. Scientists are trying to learn why.