law and order

HuffPost joined Sen. Cory Booker in Iowa as he ramps up his presidential campaign, where he signalled a willingness to reform the Supreme Court of the United States.
Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel brought the house down with their takes on R. Kelly’s explosive interview with Gayle King.
The late-night hosts did not hold back discussing R. Kelly’s explosive interview with Gayle King.
Actor Jussie Smollett has arrested for filing a false police report in connection to his claim that he was the victim of a homophobic and racist assault.
Paul Manafort now faces a much tougher prison sentence after his plea deal was revoked for lying to Mueller.
President Donald Trump has announced that William Barr will replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general, a role Barr held under President George H.W. Bush.
President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to about Trump’s business ambitions in Russia.
President Donald Trump’s former lawyer has admitted he lied about the president’s plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.
Dashcam footage shows officers from Orange County Sheriff’s Department giving a false account of a violent encounter with a drunken man.
Dashcam footage shows officers from Orange County Sheriff’s Department brutally beating a drunken man
Body cam footage of SWAT shows officers searching for the shooter during the Las Vegas massacre in the Mandalay Bay hotel in October 2017.
It’s not necessarily a sign of guilt, but Trump’s embattled lawyer Michael Cohen is pleading the Fifth Amendment in the Stormy Daniels case. But the porn star’s lawyer says it still hugely significant.
The man believed to be behind the recent spate of deadly bombings in Austin is dead, after blowing himself up when confronted by police. But the authorities are warning more bombs could still be out there.
Another bomb has exploded in Texas, this time at a FedEx facility close to San Antonio. The FBI says it could be linked to the recent spree of bombings in Austin.
Body cam footage has caught a Tennessee Sheriff boasting about ordering deadly force against an unarmed man, because he didn’t want damage his vehicles.
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A concern with homegrown terrorism is understandable, but if "law and order" and our safety are truly our concern--not xenophobia and bigotry--we must see that we are far less safe when people have such easy access to guns
I am still digesting the presidential debate like a heavy meal that I ate too late in the evening. Of course I thought that Hillary was the winner on every point, and I believe that she profited from standing beside and up to Trump - Trump's interruptions, his glares and stares, his attention grabbing sniffles, his speaking in bumper sticker slogans, his snarling tone of voice should have been a warning to any possible Trump voter that the man is beyond unstable - but those may be the very qualities that appeal to them.