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And Danny was so incredibly open, this beautiful trust and this incredible spirit. It was a beautiful collaboration and I
The same goes for Olivia, when the writers included her childhood trauma only when it related to a case, or when a victim
The new promo for "SVU" shows glimpses of "Beast's Obsession," which airs Wednesday, April 9. Lewis escapes from prison to
The Save Benson Saga began in last fall’s season premiere when Olivia Benson, aka everyone’s ultimate TV detective crush
It started with M.E. Warner (Tamara Tunie) explaining that the man who fell off a roof wasn't alone because his pants were
Greta Gerwig is a movie star, a writer and, soon, a director. What she really wanted to do, however, was guest star on "Law
Hargitay was honored with the 2,511th star on the Walk of Fame at 6328 Hollywood Blvd. Her star was placed next to her mother's
After playing Munch for the past 21 years on 10 different shows, Richard Belzer wrote a farewell letter for HuffPost, thanking