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During the trial that began last week, jurors heard Juan David Ortiz's confession during a lengthy taped interview with investigators.
Brevard County Deputy Andrew Lawson was arrested for manslaughter after unintentionally shooting Deputy Austin Walsh, authorities said.
The lawsuit alleges officials failed to follow active shooter protocol when they waited more than an hour to confront the attacker inside a fourth-grade classroom.
“John Fetterman has the courage to do what's right,” the suburban Philadelphia sheriff says of the Democrat. “Dr. Oz doesn't know a thing about crime."
Texas police officers are under an internal investigation after pushing and slamming students in a high school on Wednesday.
Over 3,300 signed up for the far-right extremist group in Texas while New York State had the most law enforcement join, a new report says.
The Franklin County Sheriff withdrew his previous support of the Republican looking to replace him in November.
"This is not a partisan or political issue. It is a matter of public safety and basic decency,” said a statement by FBI Agents Association President Brian O’Hare.
Officers did not attempt a rescue until an hour and 14 minutes after arriving at Robb Elementary, where a gunman eventually killed 19 children and two adults.
Civil rights and media groups opposed the measure that Republican Gov. Doug Ducey signed Thursday.