law enforcement

DOJ cases against white supremacists and Trump inauguration protesters could layout how the Trump administration cracks down on alleged rioters.
Chief Jason Armstrong, who joined the department last year, called the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown "a wake-up call to law enforcement."
Newly released footage shows a 6-year-old student getting arrested and put in a police car.
HuffPost obtained 10 police reports documenting past allegations of violence or threats of violence — including three involving a gun.
Gov. Phil Murphy said the new law will make it clear that his state is committed to eliminating “hate in all its forms.”
Chad Daybell married the missing kids' mother just weeks after his first wife's death. The newlyweds are allegedly not cooperating with investigators.
Investigators recovered hundreds of shell casings and five firearms at the kosher market attack site, authorities said.
Authorities say the suspects that killed four people in Jersey City, New Jersey deliberately targeted a Jewish supermarket.
Robbers stole the driver’s truck and led police on a chase that ended in gunfire at a busy Florida intersection during rush hour, a law enforcement official said.
The "Queen & Slim" screenwriter addressed the history of the way Black people are treated by law enforcement.