law enforcement

Agents relied on Oregon's "red flag" law to take proactive measures to head off potential violence, The Oregonian reports.
The new law raises the standards for police officers’ use of force.
The arrests included registered sex offenders who didn't report their change of address on time after becoming homeless.
The law prohibits local governments from enacting "sanctuary" polices that protect undocumented immigrants from deportation
It could at least partially explain why survivors of the shooting said they were caught off guard and initially puzzled by what was happening.
“Chokehold: Policing Black Men" examines law enforcement and mass incarceration through its treatment of African American men.
The California city is the first major U.S. city to ban government use of the technology.
Twenty-five years after the Violence Against Women Act, some ask if it took the right approach.
Michael Steele claimed Trump was "probably not happy about what law enforcement did."
State Attorney General warns law enforcement officers not to highjack democracy.
Already this year, lawmakers in more than a dozen states have introduced at least 50 major gun control bills.
Indigenous women are disappearing and being killed. Savanna's Act would help to bring them some justice.
A Texas lawman has come up with a clever way to stop speeders.
Law enforcement agencies across the country lost at least 159 officers to suicide in 2018.
“It’s standard law enforcement issue," Kevin McAleenan told CNN's Chris Cuomo.
The 39-year-old progressive appears to have narrowly defeated pro-Trump Sheriff Rich Stanek in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
Working at the gentlemen's club was one of a few things the 56-year-old did for work.
Dashcam footage shows officers from Orange County Sheriff’s Department brutally beating a drunken man