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A new study of law firm hiring offers clear evidence of privilege.
A value-packed blog is a great place to start, but you need some enticing "bribes" to get your visitors to hand over their
When one thinks of the legal industry, diversity isn't a word that usually comes to mind. And perhaps rightfully so, as the legal profession is one of the few remaining industries to yet undergo a diversity revolution.
I have been asked whether I believe the announcements from major law firms that they would increase starting salaries to
Even if they aren't managing their own IT, law firms still have an obligation to make sure that data is properly secured. This means asking frequent questions about security and ensuring that the vendor is implementing reasonable security measures.
Struggling firms may not fully understand the value of content, and rarely have a staff capable of producing volume writing
While no one knows for sure, make no mistake, an "Uber for Lawyers" is coming. The sooner the legal market realizes this, the better.
It baffles me when companies hire lawyers to manhandle public relations issues.
Some hedge funds and lawyers are going to be paying Uncle Sam a little bit more.
Law schools must begin recognizing the damage that is being caused to interpersonal relationships and our overall society, due to the low EQ levels of those involved in the field of law and make a concerted effort to address this extremely serious problem.
There's just one legal aid lawyer for every 8,893 low-income Americans who qualify for legal aid. That's how, in a country with one of the highest concentrations of lawyers in the world, poor people often are forced to represent themselves in life-altering legal matters.
There is, however, I think, another route. It's a bit more radical (OK, it is VASTLY more radical), but I think it could
Smart people overestimate the importance of being a smart person. To be the best lawyer, or the best collection of lawyers, is not enough; it doesn't even guarantee you stay in the game.
Class action lawyers have an incentive to win and to keep a case moving forward, but traditional law firms have done some first class work, too. Likewise, some class action law firms have mismanaged cases and floundered their way to a loss for their client.
Lisa Scottoline is an accomplished author of many books with many characters, but she is never as good as when she is writing about the characters associated with the "Rosato & Associates Novels." When she enters this world she is at her most creative and most entertaining. Luckily her new novel is one of those books.
Second, remember the in-house counsel. With so much dialogue focusing on helping diverse lawyers in law firms, in-house lawyers
I was impressed on a recent visit to the Orrick law firm to see its "Beta" office. At its Silicon Valley branch, the global enterprise is testing the type of design common with its start-up clients but rare within its profession: It has put attorneys, paralegals, and staff in an open space without private rooms.
What we've learned about the challenges female lawyers face can be applied to careers in accounting, consulting, higher education, medicine and more