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The Harvard Black Law Students Association criticized school officials for not doing enough to find the person or persons behind the offensive messages.
And “first and most obviously" don't be a "political partisan," he told law school students in 2015.
The elite law school's faculty canceled 31 classes to help facilitate protests on campus and in Washington, D.C.
"Unless a full and fair investigation is conducted, Harvard Law School cannot allow Kavanaugh to continue teaching its students," they wrote.
The study also shows that Asian-Americans face a clear "bamboo ceiling" in the industry.
“I want to fight against child sexual exploitation and help others like me,” one woman said.
I am a teacher of the law. My students ask, all the time, “What are you looking for?” We just finished the midterm exam. Their
A new study of law firm hiring offers clear evidence of privilege.
U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner knows a thing or two about the law. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan appointed
For those of you admitted to the bar in the next few months, you've accomplished something very difficult. You should be
Like Sandile, I also have a disability. Unlike him, I start graduate school at UC Irvine School of Law today. As a student
Recently, I addressed the question "What's The Point Of A JD/MBA?" If you're someone who is thinking about pursuing a JD/MBA, it's important to familiarize yourself with what the application process looks like and to understand the different options among the various schools you may end up considering.
As teens and young adults consider what they want to make out of their future professional lives, they're going to have a difficult time identifying a career where they can rightly say, "Well then, looks like I need to get a JD/MBA if I want to do that!"