The social media network has permanently suspended the president's account.
Republican lawmakers and White House officials are still at odds over how to address the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
President Donald Trump is reportedly infuriated by reports that Russia is tampering to get him reelected.
President Donald Trump has pulled funding from schools and defense projects to pay for his border wall.
Newsom will halt the execution of more than 700 inmates on the nation’s largest death row, for as long as he’s governor.
Is a stinging rebuke of President Donald Trump’s speech, California Congresswoman “Auntie” Maxine Waters has delivered her own State of the Union address
Roupe, who's loss in the November election means she'll be leaving the State Legislature this week, declined to sign The
A dark police state where prisons are run by major corporations whose sole source of income is occupancy. This would be a story where nobody listens because the people crying foul are being seen as weak on crime and in defense of prisoners who have had their right of freedom taken.
The bill faces a number of obstacles, but if the No Golden Parachutes for Public Service Act should pass, former lawmakers