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Even the Queen of England took notice of Rodney Smith's good deeds.
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“It started out with helping my momma out so she can pay her bills and I can buy my own school supplies.”
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This will restore your faith in humanity.
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My secret lover, John Deere, and I are extremely grateful that Rep. Steve King has allowed man/mower unions to step out from the shadows. It is with enormous pride that I post the following announcement
According to a 2007 article on MedScape, noise pollution can contribute to all sorts of contemporary maladies: Now it seems
I know it will be short-lived, and as the leaves drop, en masse, a new assault on the eardrums will begin with alacrity. It's
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Many homeowners strive for the perfect, emerald-green lawn, which often means that their lawn mower suffers considerable use and abuse. And without regular, preventive maintenance, there's a good chance an overworked lawn mower will sputter out just when you need it most.
On Monday, the village board of Massapequa Park, on Long Island, voted to pass a law that will charge steep fines for messy
Paul Tukey, a lawn care professional and publisher of the gardening magazine People, Places and Plants, presents straightforward, practical how-to methods for safe and organic effective lawn care.
With Congress moving forward with a flawed "cash for clunkers" bill that will subsidize the purchase of trucks and SUVs that