Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

As renewable energy targets are met, states must decide whether to expand them.
In the pollution fight, humanity loses at least nine million lives every year, which disproportionately hits poor countries
Like a galactic GPS, better dust maps will help astronomers peer more clearly into deep space.
A leading climate scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory weighs in with what we now know and what we don’t.
The "greening" effect has helped slow the rise of CO2 in the air -- but researchers warn it's only temporary.
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If you're wondering why you should care what Anand and his colleagues have to say it might be useful to give you a sense
As our economy continues to recover from the 2008 economic crisis, we cannot afford these drastic budget cuts that jeopardize America's leading role in scientific research. Instead, America needs a bold new approach to ignite our innovative capacity.
They found that the median ventilation rate of the classrooms in all three school districts was below the minimum level required
A CT scan showing microcracks forming on ceramic compounds at 1,750 degrees Celsius. Image via Berkeley Lab. Artist’s conception
“People have known for centuries that physical force can influence our bodies,” researcher Gautham Venugopalan explained
In 2010 California's Proposition 23 threatened to suspend the state's landmark global warming legislation, with Texas oil
When To Watch: The supernova, which is essentially an exploding star, has been named PTF 11kly. And even though it exploded
Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy have concluded experiments on a type of grass that they say could eventually
President Obama understands the challenge. His economic stimulus bill included more than $80 billion in clean energy investments
Another shoe dropped in the FEMA trailer scandal this week, with the publication of a report pinpointing why so many New Orleanians inhaled such high levels of formaldehyde fumes for so long.