lawrence summers

Everything Summers touches turns to ruin.
Summers, long a bogeyman on the left, is among dozens of economists advising Biden's campaign from the outside.
The feud between Warren and economist Larry Summers is a reckoning with the Democratic Party's relationship with the super-rich.
Vocational apprenticeship programs are a key way to adjust to the constant flux of globalization and rapid technological change.
The former U.S. treasury secretary says policies must focus on the average citizen, not those "who know a lot about the international system and how to game it."
It's much easier to steal a million bucks in C-notes than in twenties.
What the blame-the-liberals campaign doesn't acknowledge, let alone insist, is that if students are petulant or frightened now and if deans and professors are pandering to them, it's not because of liberal ideology but mainly because the "retail-store university" regards them increasingly as customers.
The Clinton wing of the party is still figuring out what to do with the Warren wing.
An African-American presidency does not make a post-racial society, but creates a racial backlash. Black men are the perennial defendants, guilty until proven innocent of no crimes in particular, and everything in general.
I would hope that the leaders of the ASA and other groups considering joining them would rethink their stance as they come under increasing pressure from individuals and academic institutions to do so.