Trump appointee Michael Pack sought to transform the tax-funded VOA into a propaganda operation, according to a whistleblower complaint.
Lawyers at multiple firms who've worked for the president or his campaign are shunning Trump, at least when it comes to donations.
The group of attorneys who usually defend the government in court is off the case as Trump pushes his attempt to ask about citizenship.
Meet the winking new spokesperson for a lawyer search website.
These men are charged with representing and advising President Donald Trump, especially when it comes to the Russia investigation.
"They have an out of control client," says the Watergate journalist.
The legal profession is supposed to weed out people who aren't morally fit to be lawyers. But they let neo-Nazis in.
The Russia probe is a boon to the legal profession.
The profession was then whipsawed by the Great Recession with the formerly unassailable big law shedding attorneys out into
How do we enforce these high standards? As for rushed and poorly-thought-out legislation, perhaps we can begin a cure by