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LAX Shooting

Hundreds of travelers poured onto the airport's tarmac late Sunday.
  In his book Light on Life, B.K.S. Iyengar says that the practice of yoga "liberates one from fear, including even the fear
Beck noted a lack of sufficient closed-circuit television cameras delayed the investigation into how alleged gunman Paul
November 1, 2013 was the luckiest and most traumatizing day of my life. Is it too soon to start talking about these weapons of war and the Members of Congress, the guardians of the BOOM, who have supported the reign of domestic terror Americans repeatedly endure?
"Nothing changes. It's the country we live in. Again, these are legally purchased guns, bullets ... what are you going to
The FBI also is looking into the possibility that Ciancia's views about the New World Order -- a feared totalitarian "one-world government" that he also reportedly mentions in his note -- may have been part of his motivations.
What are they talking about? To be fair though, many GOPers didn't have any idea what their actual aim in shutting down the
If unarmed airport agents don't immediately strike you as being a lot like Nazis, you may be surprised to learn that Burger
Ultimately, Gannon said, there is only so much that can be done. David Borer, general counsel of the American Federation
Following the massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. earlier this year, Feinstein criticized fellow members of
Paul Ciancia has been charged with murder following Friday's deadly shooting at Los Angeles International Airport. One TSA
During a press conference after the shooting, Patrick Gannon, chief of LAX airport police, said his force completed training
The tweets have since been deleted, but Woods said "Police K-9 unit going through AA arrival terminal right now. Should be
Authorities say the suspect in the LAX shooting is Paul Anthony Ciancia.
The traffic proved to be a nightmare for reporters trying to get to LAX. In order to get to the airport, they had to walk
Gunshots have been reported at Los Angeles Airport. Terminal 3 was evacuated. Witness Tory Belleci tells us it was the "most
According to ABC's Mary Bruce, the White House is urging people to listen to authorities and follow directions from first