Switching seasonal-style gears is going to be a cinch this year if you start by embracing one of autumn’s most blogged-about
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Why do you take and share a selfie? Is it for attention? To build confidence? To build a brand or to entertain? To express? Or to simply and authentically keep your friends, family, and fans up to date on what's going on in your life?
"I'm so lucky -- it's all good. It's all fun. But I guess the best moment is when I get a glimpse of my location. And I don't mean geographically, I mean where it all seemingly seamlessly connects."
It's warm! Break out the sandals. It's cold! Why didn't I wear my boots today? It's that moment of spring where every day holds a surprise. So what's a girl to do to stay climate controlled and in style?
Wilson's official web site has been taken down to prevent those of us who would have liked to send him a message from doing so. Well, you still can!