For those of us who believe climate change is an existential threat, this is a tough morning. But we will move forward with or without national-level leadership from the U.S. Only a few forces are strong enough to fight ignorance (like climate denial), isolationism, and fear. Those may include a measure of righteous anger, mixed with hope, forgiveness, and love. 
More than 100,000 progressive voters are urging the Senate to reject President Barack Obama's choice of Antonio Weiss, a former Wall Street banker, to fill a key post at the Treasury Department tasked with overseeing financial reform.
Today, the notion of the one-stop shop has fallen by the wayside, at least in the press, and been replaced by nimble advice-giving specialists. Capital is out, talent is back in again.
If members of Congress vote on their policy preferences instead of politics, the National Infrastructure Bank will enjoy broad-based bipartisan support in the New Year.
The Bruce we knew was an enthusiast of the media and for journalism. It's been said often enough, but Bruce came up with the idea for a national newspaper to cover deals.
Wasserstein was in the middle of a contract that would keep him at the company through 2012. Wasserstein took over as head
OK, maybe we're exaggerating, but if so, only by a bit. Just look at the headlines. "In Flurry of Big Merger Deals, Signs
2009-04-21-20090421StevenRattner200.jpgNow we find out that Rattner is caught up in pay-to-play allegations involving Quadrangle, a cheesy low budget movie and the New York State pension fund.
Despite the searing wounds inflicted by Bernie Madoff, despite the fact that several divorces are stalled because suddenly there are no assets to divide, some people still don't see what's going on.
"Accounting has become a new exercise in creative fiction," Wasserstein said. A powerful crowd turned out for Fortune's breakfast
For true capitalism to work, there has to be a balance of free enterprise and accountable oversight. Everyone should be able to start at the same line and run the race according to their own skill and strength.
So here is the thing. When you talk about a corporation doing something, who are you talking about? In reality you are talking
So far this week, in the unfolding story of Atria Senior Living, Bermuda-based (HA!) buyout firm Lazard and the really, really
Wasserstein has continually built his tremendous success on his ability to persuade people that bidding on him means a win, even when it ends up solely being a win for him.
Over the last week, I've been documenting the struggle between workers and residents of the Atria assisted living facilities
To change this, to bring America back to sound business practices, where you provide a good product or service, and then
We are people, not economic units, and there is a difference. This may be a difficult concept to grasp after three or four decades of constant corporate-funded "free market" propaganda.
Today let's take a look at Why? Here we have a country that allows vulnerable elderly people to be treated as a product to
Wasserstein and Lazard need to get their greed under control, take responsibility for their own actions, and stop cutting services and raising rates at Atria.
The Atria management has been cutting services, cutting wages, reducing benefits, and demanding more from both its workers and the product itself -- the seniors.