Here is an "Executive Summary" of the Trump Budget: Cuts nutrition funding for women, infants, and children Eliminates funding
Lazarus' current song includes this verse: "Donald wants my arm embedded, Muslims cannot stay here. Now I'm feeling like
The songs were written for his musical, "Lazarus."
For Christians, faith is not a passport that gets you into the heavenly country, and then is no longer required. It is more like the currency that is used in that country. Everything a person does in the kingdom of God requires faith.
I was able to grab a slice of pizza on the way to Le Poisson Rouge just a few minutes before GoGo Penguin took the stage
"Lazarus" helped Hall shed the skin of his most famous character.
I was a high school misfit in the early 80s when I first discovered you, and everything got better after that.
His last song, "Lazarus", performed from the set of a hospital room, is like the outcome of a private dialogue with his ultimate maker, turning uncertainty into clarity, to the point of revelation.
David Bowie did not die. Don't believe what you've heard. Kill the messenger. Burn the newspapers and magazines. Yell out your window. David Bowie is alive. So alive, and he will live forever.