The power of the little black dress is all too real.
For Teen Vogue, by Emma Sarran Webster.  6. Let this clutch be your own “something blue” in honor of the special day. Whistles
We can all do our part by spreading the word about our own stars who are suffering or have died from LBD. The more stories we hear, the more LBD will have beat the challenge of awareness, so it can move on to the momentous challenges of treatment and cure.
And just like we've grown up, so have denim dresses. Denim dresses are practically a required wardrobe staple for every little
Style is how you are recognized. Style is the first impression. Trends come and it's fun to take part in the new. However, style is the everlasting. There are certain concepts and pieces that are timeless. Take the concepts and pieces and make them your own!
lack is a subconscious means for me to put people off, in a way, to stay somewhat hidden, to hold on to secrets, to preserve the unknown.
Megan Fox in Marc Jacobs Maggie Gyllenhaal in Derek Lam Hannah Tointon in Prabal Gurung Gia Coppola in Proenza Schouler The
By Kellee Khalil for If you have more than one wedding on your summer calendar, allow us to make a suggestion: re
Almost everybody has heard of Alzheimer's, but few are aware of LBD, an equally devastating dementia that is progressive and fatal. Perhaps Kasem's diagnosis may finally bring LBD the attention it deserves.
Black Friday is a stressful, hectic yet ultimately rewarding time of year. To ease the tension and uplift your mood, and
Black, really, makes everyone look amazing. However, it can be one-dimensional and boring. While it may seem easy to dress in all black, there are a few rules to keep in mind, which fashion maven and BFF Kassie Rempel of Kassie's Closet reminded me of.
Maybe they just need to let a dog live. Locals are on the fence between rooting for his capture and cheering for his freedom