This Alabama father had a change of heart on his anti-gay stance after his daughter, who was a lesbian, died by suicide. Now he’s trying to keep Roy Moore out of Washington.
"It just makes me very motivated today to continue my training.”
Though rattled, the gay pastor says he'll fight to keep his church inclusive.
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This will be my first and last personal statement about the United States Presidential election of 2016. I am not writing this to convince anyone of what is right or what is wrong. I am writing this for the sake of my own healing process and sharing it only to inspire healing in others.
Tim picked me up from school and cooked the family dinner. Bill couldn't cook an omlet to save his life. He went on business
There are zero situations in which trans people have attacked anyone in a bathroom. If we can't trust straight cisgender men to behave, then we should be policing and punishing them, not everyone else.
By Aaron Weiss Roads To Olympia: Alexander Khvashchinsky, Natalya Rudakova, and Masha Borovikova But there is hope on the
Of all the lies being told by candidates during this presidential campaign season, some of the greatest are about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Donald Trump, for example, regularly refers to it as "a disaster."
You can find some beautiful things in alleys and dark places. Just ask Elizabeth Gibson. On her typical morning walk she spotted something in a dumpster.
Spectacular Spectacular! That is not only the expression I employ, but the name of a band you'll be hearing about soon. Recently featured in Alternative Press, Rookie Mag, and my 10 Trans Names You Should Know in 2015 list, transgender musician Isley Reust is lighting up the music world with her phosphorescent trio.
We know the world is changing. Gay marriage is gaining support in households as well as in courts and legislatures, but there's still the fundamental problem that coming out as a gay man puts you in a minority community with majority parents.
Christian colleges have rights grounded in the First Amendment that permit them to discriminate against students on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Not even the ACLU or Lambda Legal can help these students.
He spent three years moving around juvenile facilities, eventually finding solace with The Beat Within, a creative writing