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Even if you don’t know Venn diagrams by name, you probably know what one looks like. (They included two circles, side-by
It’s September 11th, take a moment to reflect. 1. Texas renters are being hit with rent for apartments they cannot reach
The musician opened up about her identity in a candid new interview.
It’s a scene I sometimes forget, but when Jimmy Fallon steps into the frame of Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous time stops. The
With Coachella days away, it only made sense for our fifth installment to feature LCD Soundsystem's founding female, Nancy
Coachella kicks off in two weeks, so if you are one of the lucky bastards who scored a pass (or scored a sugar daddy who scored you a pass) be sure to check out this week's Monday Mouth-Off.
De Lux makes it possible to dance, think, dance, wonder, and dance some more.
"Each line would be a piece," said Murphy. "The green line would go through different chords and when they intersected with
The Rapture, Murphy's LCD Soundsystem bandmates, Juan Maclean, Gavin Russom, Prinzhorn Dance School and Holy Ghost! all make
The fourth annual LuckyRice Festival, which will be in New York City from April 29-May 5. The 10 scheduled events feature cuisines and dishes that run the gamut, from rice and ramen to Siamese (northern Thai) and the awesome sounding "This Stinks! Fermented Food Favorites From Asia.
In making the film, do you think you're going to be pretty literal with the images? No. I don't know what that would mean
After a video emerged of Murphy and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner playing around in the studio, a number of sites
TOP 5 FOR WEDNESDAY, JULY 18 TOP 5 FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS Saturday, July 21 Girls Rock at The Dunes This pro-music organization
A funny thing happens when people gain any type of notoriety. Suddenly everything is scrutinized and over-analyzed in a way that never was at the start of an artist's career. It's an unavoidable law of life... or is it?
James Murphy, formerly of LCD Soundsystem, would like to change that. Murphy recently revealed his vision to transform the