lea delaria

The "Orange Is The New Black" star has a few things she wants you to know about LGBTQ Pride.
The "Orange Is The New Black" star was convinced she'd be dead by 30, but she's happier and healthier than ever.
Nothing says best buddies like knowing everything about your friend’s relationships - and “Orange Is The New Black” characters know a little something about that.
“As long as it has no gluten, I’m in,” said Conan.
"Please exclude us from the tragic and basic celebrity breakup narrative."
Get a whiff of Butch pride in Lea Delaria's comedic homage to the classic David Lynch perfume ads. To learn more about LGBT youth issues and to get involved, go to ALIFORNEYCENTER.ORG
The problem that all of this raises is that no single term is likely to be embraced by everyone, and most terms fall prey to the same problems as those we've already seen. They treat us as monolithic, negating our diversity and the multiplicity with which some people may identify.