Lea Salonga

The Broadway star opens up about music and Asian representation in theater.
SN: How does getting a role on an enormously popular TV show like Glee differ from your stage performing, both in terms of
My friend tells this story about her debut at 54 Below (now Feinstein's/54 Below). I was in the audience. I had purchased
Our work on behalf of the Filipino WWII veterans has become a unifying rallying cry for the Filipino American community, and
In the songwriting business, where some of our choices may not appear to have been the wisest in retrospect, I suggest to you that we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves. Maybe we made those choices because we were listening to our heart and didn't even know it.
The success of the show has made me want to revisit the movie, which released this fall on Blu-ray, HD Digital and Disney
We all know about the importance of being earnest, but it's likely we all underestimate the importance of not being earnest. That importance struck me while watching Allegiance, the new musical about the Japanese-American internment camps during World War II.
I'm only 32, relatively young in the full scheme of my life, and while I've done some exciting things with it, I don't exactly have lawyers knocking on my door offering to buy my personal story or my family's life story.
Diversity on stage will give people of different backgrounds a reason to explore forms of entertainment new to them. Audiences want to relate to characters that look and sound like them.
The inaugural Elsie Fest melded the worlds of Broadway, cabaret and Coachella.
Of course, the season has already crowned one giant hit, Hamilton, that will inevitably define it. But there is still much to come.
After more than 21 years, the singing voice behind Jasmine in Disney's animated "Aladdin" is still going strong. In a video