lead paint

Experts say it’s most effective to intervene before the age of 5.
It's "unconscionable" that landlords are violating the law, Letitia James says.
Tips for protecting kids from the toxic metal.
The story of the poisoning of Flint's water supply and the harm knowingly inflicted on the city's children is so shameful that it's hard to believe it is happening. Unfortunately, Flint is just one example of our collective failure to protect children from being exposed to harmful levels of lead.
"Lead is all over the damn place — aging and chipping."
The "mom and pop" business group is fighting California's lead paint ruling on behalf of three corporate defendants.
In our analysis, we also further excluded counties that tested fewer than 100 children so as not to inappropriately inflate
As Lynne Peeples' article in the Huffington Post shows, the tragic story of leaded paint is not over. In this latest installment, the good guys are nine organizations with shares in PPG Industries that are trying to do the right thing.
At greatest risk for health hazards are the workers involved in making, applying or removing paint, who can also carry the