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All these years later, I've noticed that all too often in business, confidence is mistaken for success. But in my experience, success for most is more closely linked to humility -- demonstrated through hard work, being honest about who you are, and owning your mistakes.
Dazed and flat on my stomach, I heard a familiar sound return to my ears: footsteps and breathing. I looked up to discover
The breakout star of last month's elite Davos gathering was, without a doubt, new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
My Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Energy Level Assessment Yet I had to do it. Not only was my shark-like behavior
A 24-foot long, Sylvan Special Edition pontoon boat with a 115-horse Johnson outboard is where I spend most of my Sundays. My wife and I decided to take the plunge and acquire our first boat in May this year. Since then, our baby has been in the shop twice, been towed once, and proven that boat truly does stand for "Break Out Another Thousand."
Are you a leader? One way to find out is to take one of the many online tests available and see for yourself.
Not surprisingly, I also began to notice how all of the surfing lessons I learned also applied to leadership. Just like learning leadership lessons in the kitchen, it turns out I also learned leadership lessons in the ocean. Here are five of those lessons...
You may be surprised to learn that one goal when creating a fresh fruit tart is to fool the eye into thinking the pastry is larger than it is. Pastry chefs do this by creating an alternating left and right pattern with the fruit slices. Take a look at this image and you'll see what I mean.
I couldn't help but feel wistful when I heard that today is the 30th anniversary of the release of Tetris. Even though I have not played the game in about 25 years, it got me thinking about why Tetris became (and remains) so popular to begin with and also how, in some ways, it's the ultimate gaming embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit.
Matt Tenney has learned leadership lessons from being in prison, living in a monastery and running his own business.
Being a leader is a complex task, but the defining moments of great leadership can be surprisingly simple. As a father of three kids under six, I've noticed some striking parallels between the morals of bedtime stories and the legacies of illustrious leaders.
Above all, remember that babies and startups have one simple requirement. They need your love.
David Kim "I don’t have children, so it might seem that my story lacks relevance to the work-life balance debate," Callan
The British monarchy has found a place in our modern age for good reason. And it looks like it's here to stay. What can you do to be more royal-like in your leadership?
With roughly 1 in 88 children diagnosed with autism today, it is likely you have parents in your extended circle of family
Whether operating in retail, banking, grocery or other industries, the health of today's companies relies more than ever before on creating a reciprocating network of shared value for all stakeholders.
Leadership means having to go first and pitching in, particularly if the task is not a cushy one. And it means you have to be around.