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A protein found in foods like spinach and kale may prevent cognitive decline.
All processed foods on a raw food diet are also eliminated thus reducing potential inflammation in the body and one focuses
When you are ready to make your green smoothie, make sure you keep it simple by trying just one or two greens. Spinach is the best place to start, since it blends in almost any blender and is pretty tasteless in a smoothie.
AeroFarms is a company based in Newark, New Jersey, that wants to combat the global food crisis through indoor, vertical farming.
Eating dark leafy greens is vital to a balanced diet. Greens provide some of best sources of essential nutrients on the planet and they should be much more prevalent in our daily food intake. The key is learning how to make them palatable!
31 Superfood Secrets for a Long and Healthy Life More from Health.com: By Beth Lipton All this is to say that our kale obsession
In a recent report published by the Centers for Disease Control that ranked 47 "powerhouse fruits and vegetables," kale placed only 15th (with 49.07 points out of 100 for nutrient density)! Here's a roundup of the 10 leafy green cousins that researchers say pack a greater nutritional wallop.
By Timothy Gower for Men's Journal If there's one food that no one -- not your doctor, your nutritionist or even your mother
Yeah, yeah, yeah, resolutions -- we know, but check out this cheese.
Carroty Couscous This Moroccan-style dish tastes good, looks good and is good for you. Enjoy it warm or at room temperature
If you believe undereating is the solution to fat loss or that undereating is the cause of your weight stall, you may have fallen victim to the fallacies of the underfed metabolism.
Did you hear that, everyone? You're smothering kale. It needs its space.
By Keri Gans for U.S. News As far as health benefits, I didn't see much evidence that kale stands out more than the others
One of our standby dishes for a quick dinner is pasta with flavorful greens such as Swiss chard, broccoli rabe or kale.
By Johannah Sakimura Known for their A-to-zinc spectrum of vitamins and minerals, leafy vegetables like spinach and collards
If you're a fan of leafy greens like arugula, keep an eye out for purslane. It's reasonably priced, with a creamy consistency
Bored of eating the usual green salad? Tired of the typical ingredients? Whether you enjoy salad for lunch at the office