League of Conservation Voters

"There is no place in a functioning democracy for anyone to resort to the use of terror," said the head of the local League of Conservation Voters.
In an open letter, more than 400 elected officials pledge to do their part to achieve the new administration's ambitious conservation goal.
This comes at a time when there’s only one Ph.D. scientist in Congress.
Nathaniel Stinnett’s two-year-old Environmental Voter Project is expanding this month into four new states: Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania.
Ten-year-old Ava Floro hopped into her mom's car and said, "Mommy! Today is the day that women got the right to vote!" Ava's mom, Jen Floro, a bonafide feminist with a broad, radiant smile (and, full disclosure, a good friend of mine), beamed at her spirited young daughter and said, "how did you know that, Ava?"