leaning in

Ayn Rand once said, "A culture is made or destroyed by its articulate voices." Oh I wish that were true. I believe a culture
While I do not work or “lean in” in the typical sense, I think that I am setting an example.
Stealth national treasure Holland Taylor sparked headlines recently with a declaration about her love life she was surprised to find people considered news. The 72-year-old Emmy winner and Tony nominee didn't name who she's been seeing, but she did matter-of-factly reveal her gender -- no big deal, according to the actress.
Thing is ... I had nothing but things to be grateful for. Life wasn't rough. Just ... freaking busy. And I didn't want to
Rarely, if ever, do we ask how those women without high wages, paid leave, affordable child care, or flexible schedules juggle their desperate need to earn money with caring for their family. But this is the big question that we all should be asking, because it turns out that there are real consequences for all of us.
When I got divorced in 2010, I had a chance to step outside this "don't get attached" pattern as I reorganized my life. I began to invest more time in my surroundings so that they reflect a truer picture of who I am. As luck would have it, I met a creative new friend, my Lean In co-moderator Kaylynn, who is a fashion and photo stylist. Kaylynn helped me transform my home physically and insisted that I truly "move in."
I was one of those kids in school whose hand always shot up with answers. Well, to clarify, that was in history and English -- and probably not ever in math or science.
Some say it's impossible to "have it all" and that you need to make tough choices and move on. Choose the promotion. Or choose family time. Or choose exercise. Or pick a hybrid and give as much as you can knowing something will suffer along the way.
In the ongoing Mommy Wars, the stay-at-home mother has been, at turns, revered and demonized. But there's a third reality that rarely enters the discussion: Moms whose choices to do one or the other -- stay home or return to work -- are not really choices at all.