In the nation that first invented the drug war and exported it to their country with deadly results, the Mexican bereaved have left a mark in the hearts of thousands of men and women. Sometimes it takes tragedy to make change.
We are working to change current drug policies from arrest and mass incarceration to therapeutic and restorative policies that will reduce the damage to our communities while improving public safety.
If the Obama administration really wants to go down in history as the first to take drug policy in a significantly new direction, they're going to have to change their thinking, their polices and their budgets, not just their rhetoric.
History shows that no level of law enforcement talent, commitment, and resources can ever end activities that are very popular and obscenely profitable. Remember alcohol prohibition? The drug war today is little different.
2010-11-15-m.jpgCitizens who understand their rights are much less likely to experience negative outcomes, both on the street and in a court of law.