learning to cook

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Cooking shouldn't be rocket science. We've got you covered.
I should have admitted right then that I couldn't cook. But he married me anyway, and it took me nearly 20 years of marriage -- during which I have melted through pots (even a Le Creuset, once), forgotten to put flour in cake recipes and even set toasters on fire -- before I finally gave up.
Some of us took our Home Ec class more seriously than others. Joni Tucker Sherwood learned to make peanut brittle in Home
In our minds, these are the 30 essential recipes every cook should know by the time they turn 30. If you can master these, you'll have most of the tools you need to learn any other recipe with relative ease.
These recipes form a foundation for experimentation with great results.
I can't say enough about the miraculous nature of nonstarchy vegetables. They contain micronutrients that work with macronutrients to rebuild and repair your body on a cellular level. The problem is cooking and then all the chewing involved in eating the ideal 12 servings a day.
Lately -- or I should say, since I no longer am in the work force -- I have taken up experimenting with some new dishes.