Leave of absence

Advocates hope this will finally get candidates talking about a key economic and health policy.
A majority of senators actually want to give the nation's largest workforce this very crucial benefit.
Mayor Catherine Pugh said she intends to return to work after a leave of absence.
Democrat Gavin Newsom’s proposal counts as groundbreaking and radical for the U.S.; it still falls short of what most developed nations offer.
“With the baby coming, it’s scary,” one air traffic controller said.
Twenty-two states bar cities from mandating paid sick leave.
His proposal would cut lifetime benefits between 3 and 10 percent and cost $10 billion a year.
When I discovered that I would be leaving everything behind for a few months, I didn't know what to think, and whether my blog would survive my absence during these few months. It turns out, your blog can and will survive.
You're finally starting to get the hang of the whole motherhood thing, but it's almost time to go back to work. Take comfort in knowing that the transition may not be as bad as you think.