Version One | Kibbeh Qrass (Hollowed balls stuffed with filling) 1. Fill a small bowl with water, and take a portion of the
My two sessions focused on the essence of covering religion, the research involved, the fieldwork, the critical thinking
A vest pocket Kodak (Abu-Fadil) But equally fascinating is the Swiss Camera Museum, nestled between similar quaint buildings
"As long as I'm alive, I won't allow the closure or the silencing of Annahar," editor-in-chief Nayla Tueni said in a state
If you don't know what Shawarma is then you're missing out on one of the most important Middle Eastern dishes you've never had. Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish comprised of either lamb, chicken, or beef that is prepared on a vertical rotating spit.
I spoke with Najwa Zebian, a Lebanese-Canadian educator and author about her book Mind Platter, the surge of anti-Muslim rhetoric in the media, and how to move from struggle to grace.
Local media pay much lower salaries, if and when they can be found, in an overall unsettled economy. Several leading dailies
Screen shot of Assafir's editor-in-chief's notice "We were not informed that there will be any layoffs," said one senior
On some occasions they were hauled before the military court, or other bodies with criminal jurisdiction, while on different
What is it about cartoons and caricatures that riles politicians, religious figures, business fat cats, authorities and people of different stripes?