LED Lights

Here are some tips for going green this holiday season.
"We are entering an age of digital consciousness, and transcending time, space and reality. For the first time in history
For centuries, farmers have been dependent on weather, short growing seasons, fluctuating supply and demand cycles, and a host of environmental factors that make the farming business one of luck as much as agricultural acumen.
We're talking about much more than proper computers, smartphones and tablets here. Doorknobs, garage doors, cars and appliances will all talk to other devices -- and to us. The possibilities are limitless.
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Berlin's Reichstag Building Built in the late nineteenth century, the home of Germany's parliament was damaged in a 1933
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter "We have an awesome neighborhood," Storms told the Huffington Post in an email. "When
At the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab, or DOLL for short, the streetlights are anything but ordinary. From brightening when
Over the last decade, Colorado has emerged to boast one of the most aggressive clean energy standards in the United States -- something that began under the administration of former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Jr.
More efficient technologies are now at the point in performance and price that they could replace the incandescent light bulb with minimal disruption.
Linked-up entrances, such as the Kwikset locks opened by cell phone, have a more obvious application than the appliance geegaws. They make life easier by doing away with keys that clutter pockets and can be lost.
Christmas lights are chosen for their beauty rather than practicality. Mainly, the big decision is whether to go all-white
Surely we shouldn't be cutting down a tree? As a child, these pangs of guilt were short lived and immediately washed away by the warmth and glitter of decorating day. As an adult, though, the environmental impact of my choices is important to me.
“With roughly a quarter-million street lights in our City, upgrading to more energy efficient lights is a large and necessary
That's a story many may know. What is far less explored is the impact beyond the individual solar home system. That's because
Innovation builds on innovation. Our technology and business model five years ago could not have worked. But today, as we combine both old and new technology, we have a fighting chance to alleviate energy poverty... once and for all.