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Warren Beatty, Hollywood legend and famed boulevardier, starred in or directed and wrote the movies Splendor in the Grass
At lunch at 21, Roach and stars Cranston and Lane joined Walter Bernstein for a panel discussing Trumbo's life and work in
Of late, meaning the last few years, coming to myself in the dark woods in the middle of my life, I read autobiographies of interesting women. They are my guides as I navigate a way that is lost only because it isn't found yet--because I haven't lived it.
At Guild Hall, when Florence Fabricant asked CNN's Anthony Bourdain at a recent Q&A, which country was most surprising, he quickly answered Iran. Most Americans have not been there, and I seized a moment of opportunity.
Grace Kelly is remembered as the picture of perfection: a gorgeous movie star who became the Princess of Monaco. But veteran
Actress Lee Grant joins HuffPost Live to discuss her relationship with Grace Kelly.
Actress Lee Grant joins HuffPost Live to discuss why being honest about one's age is still an issue for women in Hollywood today.
And I didn't have anything in the movie world that made me want to spout off - at least nothing I hadn't sounded off about
"Wasn't Goodbar about a murdered school teacher?" "Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Stepford Wives." "I've been there. Charming. Peaceful