lee hamilton

Why aren't we talking about the fact that America is fighting six wars? Several journalists pose that question in recent columns, and it's a good one.
The U.N. is not crumbling, but it is in trouble as an effective institution. As President Barack Obama told the Security Council, it is time for a course correction in our approach to global cooperation.
But the threat to our institutions and our sense of security demands we get our counterterrorism strategy right. We have been working on this for 15 years, and the American people have a right to be impatient.
Some critics of our current policy seem to have analyzed the problem quite well, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have found the solution.
For now, it seems unlikely that Russia will engage in new, major offensives in Ukraine and elsewhere in Eastern Europe. But Putin certainly gauged correctly that the U.S. and its allies would not be willing to fight his actions -- that our response would be nonmilitary.
Isolated and secretive, North Korea presents the United States with a unique challenge we cannot ignore. The North Korean nuclear arsenal is becoming steadily more alarming, and it is past time for the United States to get serious about the threat.
These attacks are not likely to end soon. There is simply no guarantee that more surveillance, better intelligence, increased
During the Cold War, we relied on the doctrine of "mutually assured destruction." We believed that neither the United States nor the Soviet Union would launch an attack because it would produce massive and destructive retaliation. But the world has changed, and we are in a high-risk era when the presence of nuclear weapons raises the stakes for global conflict, accidents and terrorism.
The mass shooting last month at a nightclub in Orlando and the unbroken barrage of attacks in Turkey, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and elsewhere have dominated news reports, reminding us that the threat of terrorism is real and constant.
It is time for a new approach. While it won't be easy, we need to create an immigration system that focuses on the welcoming the immigrants we need to support economic growth and vitality while maintaining our national security.