'Objects of Desire,' by Rita Catinella Orrell I think what was most interesting was that most designers came from other industries
This is what Etsy's *actual* offices look like. Glorious.
"The best design of an outdoor lighting system is one where you don't see the fixture and you can't see the light source
We split the atom. We invented the light bulb. Heck, we not only sent a man to the moon, we brought him back again. Why, then, can we not get recycling right?
The power to clean up our world lies more in our hands than most of us admit. (That's not to say that legislation isn't necessary, too.) Every day in every corner of the world, there are leaders and everyday folks living more sustainable lives, and leading by example.
At the upcoming U.S.-China Climate-Smart/Low-Carbon Cities Summit in Los Angeles, both nations are expected to announce actions to combat ongoing climate change. A leader in energy efficiency, Los Angeles is an ideal city to host the summit.
Ten years ago, all we could do was blindly believe in our best selves. Ten years into a recovery that will likely take several generations, it's clear New Orleans didn't wash away after all.
The idea that multiple institutional and other major investors are consciously assembling global portfolios of green, high-performance buildings was a foreign concept. Sophisticated developers have been looking for a "product differentiator" in some markets.
You can think of carbon dioxide as the common currency used to determine our impact on the environment. The gas is an important
By infusing PBL with sustainability, educational institutions can work toward reducing their carbon footprint while helping
Over the past few months, as I sat contemplating one of the biggest decisions of my life - whether to announce that my time as head of USGBC was sunsetting, and that in a year- and-a-half I would enter an exciting new chapter of life during which I would start tackling any number of the projects on my still-robust wish list - I remained torn right up to the very end.
These Dutch men and women (under the auspices of an activist environmental organization that calls itself Urgenda -- as in "urgent agenda") have sued their government over its ongoing role in the emission of carbon gases and the resulting climate change.
Building energy use policies begin to address this critical knowledge gap. Atlanta's new ordinance, for example, combines several powerful tools that together can provide unparalleled insight into these valuable assets.
Oh, don't get me wrong, we wide-eyed, bomb-fearing, TV-addicted, Beatles-worshipping, suburb-loving, post-war Baby Boomers did not invent environmental activism. We only learned it at the knees of rugged, daring, free-thinking individualists like Teddy Roosevelt.
Berlin's Reichstag Building Built in the late nineteenth century, the home of Germany's parliament was damaged in a 1933
There are the obvious daily habits such as diet, exercise, and social activities that ensure good health, but what about the things we don't always think about? The less obvious areas of impact on our health include our homes, offices, and the built environment around us.
Because I spend all my time focusing on buildings and their impact on climate change, I hadn't considered that this Thanksgiving is one more area where we can all make a big contribution to climate change mitigation.
The U.S. Green Building Council recently concluded the 2014 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, which took place
When I co-founded USGBC 20 years ago it was because we started to recognize that the world wanted to create superior buildings