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It's time to move beyond the belief that perfection is necessary before we can succeed. Trying to hide our quirks will only
1. Practicing free association: Individuals who are more left brain driven usually have a harder time feeling comfortable
Up until recently our world has been a left brain dominant one, yet I see that things are rapidly changing. More and more thought leaders talk about how right brain creatives will rule the world.
So my conclusion is that while the opportunities are growing for right-brain thinkers, the ideal entrepreneur is still a
We are not one dimensional beings -- so why do we often live our lives in this manner? It is a new year. We have new goals, new dreams, a new perspective on life. Why not conquer all of our fears and indulge in our true desires?
Alexia Parks is a science journalist and an expert on the new science of the woman's brain. Guaranteed! It's not that women
The school system itself, which often tends to turn every individual into a cookie cutter shape, may be the reason why not all students are actively engaged in the learning process. So what should schools do?
He is the sober, cold light of day that reminds us that no matter how 'inspired' last night's conversation in the pub, we've now actually got to something about it.
Facebook is addictive for 3 very simple reasons. The good news is that these 3 reasons are also why Facebook is not a waste of time-- if used mindfully to co-create the life you want.
Your brain has areas for different skills. You might be in a situation when your brain tells you one thing and your heart