leg pain

The proximal ends of the hamstring muscles originate from the ischial tuberosity in the rear of the pelvis. The muscles of
Leg discomfort can knock you off your feet and it should never be ignored.
Wearing super tight jeans may cause this compression of the LFCN. Usually the patient complains of tingling, numbness and
Standing, sitting and sleeping are daily things we take for granted! What we do not always think about is how uncomfortable we are doing them. Support your three S's and you will live happily ever after in less pain!
One key problem repeatedly encountered with both psychiatrists and psychologists is the failure to adequately monitor clinical progress of patients with autism according to any objective standard.
June starts the beginning of wedding season and all brides and bridesmaids want to walk down the aisle gracefully and hopefully in comfort. A bride has enough to worry about during her wedding without having to worry about her feet.
Shin splints can be a tough diagnosis to confirm, and often can be made by excluding the other common causes for lower leg pain in athletes such as stress fractures.
Blood clots can form in the lower legs from sitting for long periods in cramped spaces -- such as coach or economy seating. Try to get up and walk around when possible.