The actor didn't want his legacy to be about his work on "Friends." Your legacy shouldn't be about your resume, either.
In Mississippi, there’s an ongoing debate over who, if anyone, gets to tell the story of Emmett Till.
Somehow Obama survived eight years of this.
Death never touched me until it took my Grandpa Jack.
However, as we enter our final years, many grandparents question whether we will even be remembered. We have the power to shape the legacy we leave to our spiritual heirs in addition to whatever worldly goods we bequeath to them.
Legacy is a controversial term in college admissions. If your family went to the university, legacy can help you in the admissions process at some universities. But often we get questions about how much it helps, what legacy is defined as, and how you can maximize your chances given legacy. In this article, we will go over these questions using data that we have extracted at Synocate over the past 6 years.