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The Fox News host issued some tips for how Trump's allies can avoid perjuring themselves.
And "consult your personal attorney" for legal advice. Twitter erupts.
Oh, so DON'T bring drugs to your court appearance!
If you were looking for a no-frills resolution, you could have just agreed to flip a coin. If you wanted a laid-back approach
If this is you, here's why you need to change that.
Are you a stay-at-home spouse or a primary breadwinner? Are you going through a divorce? If so, I have a very important message for you from your divorce lawyer. Sure, there's a slim chance you don't need it. But if you don't, hearing the message will just make you feel good for being so evolved.
So long as you haven't agreed to any limitations on the appearance of your home (such as through a Homeowners Association or deed restriction), you're free to put up any signs you want, regardless of how violent, offensive, or profane they may be to others.
Post 50
There are actually a number of free and low-cost legal resources available today to help seniors, but what's available to you and your husband will depend on where you live, the type legal assistance you need and your financial situation. Here are several resources to check into.
Small Business
It can be dreadfully difficult to be a small business owner these days. Often you're a one-person shop, and it can seem like a handful of full-time jobs just to keep up with your legal responsibilities on top of everything else.
There's no reason to be intimidated -- there's not one right way to do social media. There are, however, best practices. These six suggestions are most useful to achieving a successful and productive presence on social media.
Byron was then given a choice by the magistrate in charge of his case, either apologize everyday on Facebook for 30 days
To get the dialogue rolling and make starting up less intimating, I've asked legal experts to share their advice for up-and-coming social entrepreneurs.
Since a litigated divorce is mentally overwhelming, you could unwittingly fall victim to these behaviors which would ensure that you would only view your divorce with regrets. By simply being aware of what not to do, you can steer clear of these mistakes.
The divorce process is often a highly emotional time and social media outlets readily provide evidence that can harm one or both parties, both during and after a divorce settlement.
Tax Day is upon us. For divorce lawyers like me, it's the time of year when folks going through a divorce often struggle with the same question: What do we do about our income tax returns?
Many men who go through separation are dads. We know that the separation not only impacts ourselves and our partners, but also our children.
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